2 Hastings St. N.
Bancroft, ON K0L 1C0

Start with the finest English and German Brewing traditions,
add a splash of improvisational spirit and what do you get?

Unique, handcrafted brews as delicious as they are distinctive

When we first established our Craft Brewery we made a commitment to ourselves and our friends; our beers would be handcrafted using only the finest barley, hops and yeast in small batches to ensure the quality and distinctive tastes.

Our water used comes from deep within the Canadian Shield, bubbling up through the cracks in ancient granite, naturally adding minerals which give our beers a unique taste found nowhere else in the world.

blonde ladyBLONDE LADY
This is our lite and refreshing beer, brewed with a clean fresh flavour and only 4.5% ABV. If you’re not a fan of heavier Craft Beer, or just want a thirst quenching Beer, then this is the one to have.
Our Blonde Lady is enjoyed by everyone whether you like a beer with a meal or you’re just in the mood for something cold and tasty; Cheers!
ironmanIRON MAN
Iron Man is an IPA, copper red in colour and brewed with the most hop and malt flavour, which is sure to satisfy the true Craft Beer lover.
Brewed with 5 kinds of malt and an abundance of Cascade Hops giving it aromas of citrus and spice with roasted notes. One sip leaves you craving for a second; 5.5% ABV this beer goes well with beef, pork and chicken dishes.

black quartzBLACK QUARTZ ALE
Bancroft is known worldwide as the Mineral Capital of Canada. One gem, found nowhere else in the world is “Black Quartz” ale. We brewed this dark ale to honour the men who worked underground in our area and help build our community. A rich and robust ale, using 6 different malts and original hops.
This Beer gives a smooth clean first impression and finishes with caramel and coffee flavours. This is our darkest beer yet a very easy beer to drink. At 5.5% our Black Quartz goes well with all food dishes.
When the Old World discovered our Great White Pine and hardwood forests, loggers were sent in to harvest. These loggers worked hard and long and when it was time to relax they wanted a full bodied beer. Our Loggers Ale was brewed in the old way, using 4 different malts for a rich toasty character and just enough Noble Hops from England to balance the flavours. Our Loggers Ale goes well with beef and pork dishes and at 5% ABV our Loggers Ale is a great beer to share with friends after a long day.